MTBA bus driver 1660 is allegedly skipping commuter on purpose

By: - Monday, May 5, 2014 - 2:09pm

Reddit user “vinsneezelreported to r/Boston earlier today that a specific bus driver of the 59 route is driving past him on purpose. On Friday, May 2nd he caught the driver blowing by him on video:

The video is shoddy, and unfortunately, shot vertically, so the evidence should be taken at face value. It is unclear if the commuter is waiting in the proper spot and how full the bus is. If, however, the MBTA bus driver is indeed driving by the said commuter on purpose for no legitimate reason, then that is really screwed up. The 59 bus comes only once every 45 minutes; Vinsneezel shared this statement about the situation with the reddit communty:

In January this year, MTBA Driver 1660 thought it would be cute to stop half a block beyond the stop. I chased the bus and got on, and he told me “Sorry buddy. There were some girls up the street so I stopped near them. If I got to choose between you and girls, I’m choosing the girls.” I told him I didn’t really appreciate it, but I kept my cool, sat down and started talking to another passenger about mobile devices (the kid was asking about my iPad). 1660 must have thought I was cursing him out, because he started shouting at me that if I didn’t behave, he’d call the police.

On subsequent trips, Operator 1660 started making me chase the bus repeatedly. Stopping and starting so I’d start towards him, then moving again. I started videoing the bus as it approached.

In March I had my camera out as Operator 1660 bypassed me. Unfortunately the video didn’t come out very good. The MBTA Phone operators sympathized with me, but didn’t have any solution other than “Wait for the next bus”. It was freezing that night and I waited outdoors for an additional 40 minutes until another driver came. I got a limp apology email from the T.

Then on Friday May 2, 2014, Operator 1660 bypassed me again. I got it on video, this time much more clearly, and that is the link I’m posting now. The 59 route in Needham isn’t serviced by any other buses, comes once every 45 minutes (less often on the weekends) and stops running early.

I’m on the phone now with the MBTA trying to find out more information. I will update as I can. They are looking into what came the last time this was investigated.