A Rolling Rally to Remember

By: - Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015 - 7:00pm

Today’s Victory Parade was a thing of beauty. Sure the Patriots have 4 Super Bowl wins in less than 15 years, but this one was still 10 years in the works. Two heartbreaking Super Bowl losses, a closing Brady/Belichick window, Gronk finally healthy, DeflateGate, etc. etc. — Super Bowl 49 was quite possibly the most satisfying win in New England sports history. These guys earned their right to celebrate, and thousands of fans were on hand to congratulate them. A lot of these images are via two great sources for Patriots info: @OnlyInBOS & r/Patriots. If you’re unaware of them, get on it….

Summer Of Gronk.

Via @amill34 on twitter

Hey Gronk, what’s your favorite number?

Via @OnlyInBOS on twitter

Hey Sherman, how many rings does Brady have?

Via @HeyRatty on twitter

Here’s where that sign came from

Via r/Patriots


BU Students Aim To Break Guinness World Record For Largest Snowball Fight

By: - Monday, Jan 26, 2015 - 1:43am

UPDATE: The BU Snowbrawl 2015 has been CANCELED

BU Snowbrawl 2013 // Rishi Chakraborty BU CAS 2013

With Winter Storm Juno approaching, thousands of Boston University students are gearing up for the 3rd annual “BU Snowbrawl.” As of 1:30am Monday morning, the Snowbrawl event page on Facebook is up to 2.5K+ RSVPs. On that same event page, someone named Ashray pointed out something interesting: “If you guys hit 5835 you will break the world record…”

From the BU Snowbrawl 2015 Facebook event page

On January 12, 2013, 5,834 people took part in the world’s largest snowball fight as part of Seattle’s “Snow Day,” a record confirmed by Guinness World Records.

With more than a day to go, the Snowbrawl 2015 guest list is almost half way there! The snowball fight is slated to take place on the Charles River Esplanade, which can accommodate well over 25K people. Granted RSVPs “snowball” to >5.9K by Tuesday afternoon, the only question then is how will Guinness World Records confirm this potentially epic feat?

The Boston Calendar reached out to co-organizer Brian Boman to see if the event is open to the public/non-BU students? His response: “Honestly it’s for everyone that can make it out there safely!”

In summary, Seattle currently holds two titles: defending Super Bowl Champs and the world record for largest snowball fight. All that could change by Sunday.


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.31.17 PM
Image via reddit.com.

The event can be found on TBC here.

Blizzard of 2015

By: - Sunday, Jan 25, 2015 - 2:48pm

A historic blizzard is headed towards Boston! NOAA is forecasting 18-36″ of snow! Below is a look at Boston after Nemo, the massive blizzard that dropped 24.9″ of snow on Boston in February 2013.

J9OsoLkBoston after Nemo. Via Imgur.com.

Here’s a guide to stocking up on blizzard “essentials” based on projected snow totals:

MoveVia The Boston Calendar’s Facebook page.

Storm details via National Weather Service in Taunton, MA:


Boston 2024 Artist Renderings

By: - Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015 - 5:24pm

At a press briefing this afternoon, the Boston 2024 planning committee released a set of artistic renderings depcting what the 2024 Summer Olympics might look like. They also posted six .PDF documents revealing details of the bid on their website. Those documents can be found here.

Read more about today’s press briefing via Boston Magazine here.

Follow the conversation on twitter: #Boston2024

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The Slutcracker, Santas in Speedos, and more events this weekend

By: - Thursday, Dec 4, 2014 - 3:38pm

6495251999_36e15b6d0e_o(Photo credit: Rodney Brown/Creative Commons)

Sick of the holiday season already? Charlie Brown was railing against the commercialism of Christmas way back in 1965 and nothing’s changed yet, so you might as well embrace it. Throw on “This Christmas” and hug your sweetie by the fireplace. Go see a burlesque ballet, run with Santas in Speedos, or score some free hot cocoa. Do you feel it? That warm sensation in your tummy? That’s the Christmas spirit! And the whiskey you topped off your cocoa with. But mostly the Christmas spirit! (more…)

Film, flapjacks, fall beers, and more events this weekend

By: - Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 - 4:21pm

3794654592_7e5e118835_o(Photo credit: Janine/Creative Commons)

Attention movie buffs: This weekend in Boston you can see a free screening of a new film produced by locals, meet a film and television legend, or eat some pancakes at an indie theater. Or, fine, just drop $20 to see “Interstellar” in IMAX because the Internet has already spoiled half the movie for you anyways and that Matthew McConaughey sure is dreamy.

* Struggling to make ends meet, Philip Waters decides to turn to old habits and sell an exclusive strain of marijuana known as “The Grim Reefer.” Sounds pretty awesome so far, but if  “A Sea of Green” — filmed around Lowell with a cast of underground rappers — is anything like most drug movies, things probably aren’t going to end well. Writer, director, and co-star Myster DL hosts a screening and party with many of the film’s stars tonight at Good Life. 11.13. 8:30p. FREE

* Provided that you’ve heated your griddle to the proper temperature, got your flipping technique down, and always reach for real-deal Vermont maple syrup — not that Vermont Maid brand from the supermarket — pancakes are pretty much the perfect food. But does their deliciousness translate to the visual medium of film? Find out at The International Pancake Film Festival, celebrating animation, puppets, and pancakes tonight at the Brattle Theatre. Admission includes complimentary pancakes. 11.13. 8:30p. $7

* Look, whenever Angela Lansbury comes to Boston, I’m going to let you know about it. Whether it’s for a Q&A after a Harvard Film Archive screening of John Frankenheimer’s “All Fall Down” (1962) or just a brief layover at Logan, I’m going to find out where she’ll be and put it in this column, because Dame Angela Lansbury is a national treasure. Not only was “Murder, She Wrote” a cultural touchstone for a generation, it warned all of us that old people can actually be pretty sneaky and should never be trusted. That show premiered in 1984 and she was already old. Could you imagine being old, and then living for another 30 years? That’s another whole lifetime of old. 11.14. 7p. $12

* It’s OK to admit you’re excited to transition into your fall/winter wardrobe (you have so many nice sweaters!) but it’s also time to transition into a fall/winter beer, which means putting down the Bud Light Straw-ber-ita and walking away slowly until you’re drinking a nice dark imperial stout at the Drink Craft Beer Fall to Winter Fest. Three sessions at the Revere Hotel will feature 25 New England brewers, all bringing along at least one beer made with a fall or winter seasonal ingredient — and not just pumpkin. We’re talking stuff like sweet potatoes, roasted pecans, and foraged sumac. 11.14 and 11.15. 6p and 1p. $50

* These days you expect to find artists working in cool lofts converted from old factories that once housed real factories where men came to work carrying metal lunch boxes instead of hip Jack Spade messenger bags they bought on Gilt. No so with the Fenway Studios, built in 1905 and considered the oldest structure in the country designed solely as artist studios. Check out the building and meet the artists working there at this weekend’s Open Studios, which doubles as a food drive for the Greater Boston Food Bank. 11.15 and 11.16. 11a. FREE 

* Back when San Diego Comic-Con first got started, pretty much no one cared because comics were generally considered to function only as fantasy lands where high school losers could imagine they had superpowers including but not limited to X-ray vision. Then Iron Man started cracking jokes and geek culture became cool and now all the Cons have been taken over by Hollywood studios. What’s a true geek to do? Well, Alternicon is here to remember the media that others forgot: web comics, flash animation, and podcasts. Stop by the Midtown Hotel to check out author panels, workshops, a cosplay contest and more. 11.15 and 11.16. 10a. $30-35

* Every November, the Nave Gallery in Teele Square hosts a Wrap Around Sale of homemade knitted, crocheted, and sewn goods to benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition. (Hey if you’re going to Alternicon, you should stop by and look for a nice Cosby sweater. You know, for the “Cos”-play contest. You’re so clever!) The sale kicks off Sunday with a dessert reception — FYI, knit hats prevent brainfreeze — and runs through December 14. 11.16. 1p. FREE


Dining in the Dark, Day of the Dead, and a Doggy 5K: Boston Halloween 2014

By: - Thursday, Oct 30, 2014 - 3:33pm

4048662226_dc34a8562e_b(Photo credit: Anji Barton/Creative Commons)

Are you tired of the Halloween house party scene? Sick of finishing just out of the medals in bar costume contests? There’s much more to do this Halloween weekend, so you don’t have to stay home and hand out candy to an endless parade of Elsas whose parents aren’t even much older than you and somehow can afford to own property in your neighborhood, and that is truly frightening. (more…)

Get your circus freak on at this weekend’s events

By: - Thursday, Oct 23, 2014 - 4:58pm

_MG_8329(Photo credit: Boston Circus Guild)

Happy Halloweek! That’s “Halloween” plus “week” and it’s what I’m calling the weeklong extravaganza of Halloween events starting tonight all over the city. May your candy bars all be king-sized, your costumes half-assed but hilarious, and your candy corn nonexistent because it’s gross and no one should have to eat that stuff, not even children. Not even children, you guys. (more…)

Head of the Charles, Hipster Olympics, and more events this weekend

By: - Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 - 3:05pm

10391435015_819393430d_k(Photo credit: Lorianne DiSabato/Creative Commons)

We’re getting into prime leaf-peeping season around town, so when you’re on your way to this week’s events, try to look up from your phone once in a while. Unless you were just looking at the Google image results for “leaves,” in which case carry on, because real-life trees do not feature high-density retina display. (more…)

Honk! Hodor! Hard cider! This weekend’s Boston events

By: - Thursday, Oct 9, 2014 - 12:19pm

4162778979_8c15a2a4d9_b(Photo credit: Gianluca Sciannameo/Creative Commons)

Five hundred and some odd years ago, Columbus discovered America, kind of in the same way models get “discovered” by creepy agents at the mall. He gave America its big break! Here’s how to celebrate your three-day weekend if you’re lucky enough to work for the government or other employers that value a healthy work-life balance. (more…)