Tom Brady’s Private Instagram Account

By: - Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015 - 4:40pm


Yes, Tom Brady is on Instagram. Yes, the account is set to private. And yes, it’s highly unlikely he’ll allow you to follow him, or follow you back for that matter.

Brady said at a charity gala Tuesday night that his “favorite activity all summer” has been “probably following Julian Edelman on Instagram.”

WAIT, so he’s on Instagram? Must find the GOAT…

Let’s check Gisele’s verified account, she only follows 70 people … bingo!


@tlovesgjbv = Tom Loves Gisele Jack Benjamin Vivian

He has 55 posts, 34 followers, and is following 71 lucky people.

The pictures on his account will most likely forever remain private, but if he did change his account to public, perhaps one of the posts would look like this…