Why tomorrow’s Tasty Burger show isn’t happening at Tasty Burger

By: - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 - 4:17pm

We were pretty excited about Wednesday’s bill at Tasty Burger Harvard Square: Jangly indie rockers Bent Shapes, Philadelphia’s Bleeding Rainbow, and best-band-name-in-town candidate Fat Creeps. $5 cover, all ages, in the basement of a Pulp Fiction-inspired burger joint. What’s not to love?


Just like a burger served slathered in mayonnaise when the menu didn’t say anything about fucking mayonnaise and you certainly didn’t ask for it, something went horribly, horribly wrong. Northampton’s Speedy Ortiz played to a packed house at the Tasty earlier this month, but this past Saturday’s four-band bill booked by local event production team Eye Design was cut short eight songs into the opening band’s set.

Vanyaland has the details, but it’s your typical “band starts playing/venue owner asks them to turn it down/that doesn’t happen/owner shuts down the show/band gets pissed, draws dicks on walls” story. Sounds like the difference between the Speedy show and this one boils down to the difference between a full house there to see the band, and a semi-full house with some people who just wanted to eat a Big Tasty in peace and peaced out when the music got too loud.

Then we caught wind on Twitter that tomorrow’s show, presented by Boston Hassle, would be changing venues. From Boston Hassle’s Facebook event page:

Why is the show being moved from TASTY BURGER? After a friend’s show was prematurely ended (during the opening band’s set of a 3 band bill that included a touring band) by the owner of TASTY BURGER we have decided that we cannot take the chance of such a situation reoccurring.

If you are going to host rock bands @ your venue, if you’re going to invite them into your venue, you cannot ask those bands to TURN DOWN. And you most certainly cannot end a show during the first of several sets because the band that you asked to turn down refuses to do so.

Actually run a venue or don’t, no one is forcing anything on Tasty Burger.

UPDATE: Tasty Burger has cancelled all of their shows. So if the above were not good enough reasons for moving the show, then this surely is.

We’re waiting for an official announcement from Tasty Burger, but Boston Hassle will relocate all future Tasty Burger shows — starting with tomorrow’s, which will go down at a “secret crib” in JP (hit up the FB event for the address):

Bent Shapes / Bleeding Rainbow / Fat Creeps

In the meantime, if you want to see some live music in Harvard Square while housing a greasy burger, there’s always Charlie’s Kitchen.