Air guitars, real guitars, and more events this weekend

By: - Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 11:08am

7234442526_bc8e26bb12_b(Photo credit: Timothy Krause/Creative Commons)

Can’t make it to Boston Calling this weekend? Don’t just sit around getting angrier and angrier whenever your friends Instagram pics of their hippie-chic outfits (just kidding, we’re not Coachella so that’s not really a thing, at least I hope it isn’t). Check out a couple smaller music fests — one so awesome it put awesome in its own name — plus an after party featuring one of Boston Calling’s rising local acts.

* Unquestionably the most punk rock man to ever pick up an accordion, the Pogues’ James Fearnley stops by Brookline Booksmith to talk about his new book. “Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues” follows the band from rags to riches and back to rags due to the inevitable stresses and substances that pull apart every rock band. Definitely check this out if you’re such a sucker for band histories that you recently spent three hours watching “The History of the Eagles” and you don’t even fucking like the Eagles. 5.22. 7p. FREE 

* Night Shift Brewing in Everett opens its new 2500 sq. ft. taproom that boasts 80+ seats, plenty of parking, a new production facility and “actual bathrooms” (the bathrooms at the previous location existed solely in your own mind.) Tonight’s grand opening will tap into an imperial stout aged in red wine barrels, plus a special draft list of new brews and cellared favorites, and also local food trucks and vendors because the poor guy who drives you to Everett needs something to do. 5.22. 3p. $10

* A new production from Huntington Theatre Company, ”Smart People” follows four Harvard intellectuals — a doctor, an actress, a psychologist, and a neurobiologist studying the human brain’s response to race — as they search for love, success and identity in a complex world. Or if you get your fix of Harvard intellectuals by hanging out with actual Harvard intellectuals, feel free to tune into the new sitcom “Stupid People” airing every night in every time slot on CBS. 5.23. 8p. $15-90

* At the tender age of 25, Charlie Chaplin created one of the most indelible comedic characters of all time. The Brattle’s The Little Tramp at 100 pays tribute to Chaplin’s “little tramp” persona with a five-night retrospective following the character from his origins in Mack Sennett films to his glorious send-off in the classic “Modern Times” and finally answers your question: No, Chaplin wasn’t just doing “silly Hitler” in all those movies. 5.23 to 5.27. Various times. $8-10

* Here’s how it goes down at Boston Hassle’s seventh Boston Underground Summit at the Cambridge Elks: Ten bands set up round-robin style in a demented semi-circle and take turns playing songs until either the show ends or the melted faces of the audience start to resemble the Nazis at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and signal they have enjoyed enough rock for one night. 5.24. 7p. $7-10

* Take something you usually do in the privacy of your own bedroom but you’re pretty sure you’re really good at it and turn it into fame and fortune. This is how people get into porn but also the U.S. Air Guitar Championships, which has qualifying rounds Saturday at T.T. the Bear’s. Admit it, you love air guitar. You air guitar to the solo in “Hotel California” and you don’t even fucking like the Eagles. 5.24. 6p. $10

* Allston Rock City lives up to its name with Sunday’s Awesome Day Fest, bringing 15 bands to play three venues (O’Brien’s, Store 54 and Regina Pizzeria) at the crossroads of Harvard Ave. and Cambridge Street. It is the greatest intersection of Harvard and Cambridge since Harvard University was founded in the city of Cambridge in 1636. 5.25. 3p. $10

* If you are going to Boston Calling on Sunday, make sure to wake up bright and early (1:40 p.m) to catch locals Tigerman WOAH! (That’s the name of the band, I didn’t just see a Tigerman and yell WOAH! because I don’t just type everything I see Puppies NICE!) Or just catch their Boston Clawing after party at Ned Devine’s, also featuring Oldjack, Parlour Bells, The Silks and more. 5.25. 6p. FREE