BU Students Aim To Break Guinness World Record For Largest Snowball Fight

By: - Monday, Jan 26, 2015 - 1:43am

UPDATE: The BU Snowbrawl 2015 has been CANCELED

BU Snowbrawl 2013 // Rishi Chakraborty BU CAS 2013

With Winter Storm Juno approaching, thousands of Boston University students are gearing up for the 3rd annual “BU Snowbrawl.” As of 1:30am Monday morning, the Snowbrawl event page on Facebook is up to 2.5K+ RSVPs. On that same event page, someone named Ashray pointed out something interesting: “If you guys hit 5835 you will break the world record…”

From the BU Snowbrawl 2015 Facebook event page

On January 12, 2013, 5,834 people took part in the world’s largest snowball fight as part of Seattle’s “Snow Day,” a record confirmed by Guinness World Records.

With more than a day to go, the Snowbrawl 2015 guest list is almost half way there! The snowball fight is slated to take place on the Charles River Esplanade, which can accommodate well over 25K people. Granted RSVPs “snowball” to >5.9K by Tuesday afternoon, the only question then is how will Guinness World Records confirm this potentially epic feat?

The Boston Calendar reached out to co-organizer Brian Boman to see if the event is open to the public/non-BU students? His response: “Honestly it’s for everyone that can make it out there safely!”

In summary, Seattle currently holds two titles: defending Super Bowl Champs and the world record for largest snowball fight. All that could change by Sunday.


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Image via reddit.com.

The event can be found on TBC here.