Artsy swing sets, daytime dance parties, and more events this weekend

By: - Thursday, Sep 11, 2014 - 6:16pm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Photo courtesy Höweler + Yoon Architecture)

You may or may not agree with the Medford Masshole Kim Costa’s message to college students that went viral earlier this week. But just from the perspective of a guy who looks for cool stuff to do in the city, there’s even more cool stuff to do since the kids came back. Dodging a few backpacks on the T is a small price to pay for this week’s events.

* The first commissioned installation for the Lawn on D, South Boston’s experimental outdoor space, Swing Time is composed of multiple illuminated, ring-shaped swings, each of which holds an internal LED lighting system, micro-controller and accelerometer that symbiotically create colorful glowing effects and you know what, you had me at “swings.” Tonight’s free opening reception for the interactive playscape (grown-ups’ playground) features themed cocktails, games, and live swing music. 9.11. 7p.

* Award-winning dance company EgoArt. Inc. shares a sneak preview of their upcoming production of “The Opposites Game.” Integrating music and video with performance pieces, the work explores opposing themes in four distinct chapters: Hot vs. Cold, Agitated vs. Tranquil, Tense vs. Slack, and Together vs. Alone, which I imagine is me on stage surrounded by friends and family until my iPhone’s battery runs out and I feel so, so alone, even though I’m still surrounded by friends and family. 9.11 to 9.13. 7:30p. $20-30

* All right, all right, all right! Kendall Square Cinema remembers it’s supposed to be an indie theater and enters the midnight movie madness with a noon a.m. (that’s what I call midnight) screening of “Dazed and Confused.” A pre-game keg party at nearby State Park kicks things off with beer, bacon skewers, a costume contest, and a chance to get all the movie quotes out of your system. I only came here to do two things: drink some beer and kick some ass. Looks like we’re almost out of…oh hey, bacon skewers! 9.12. 10p. $20

* Pop Up Jazz Club at the Cambridge Innovation Center’s Venture Cafe presents “Demystifying Jazz” with bandleader and educator Alex Lee-Clark and his 8-piece band. Clark breaks down the fourth wall to demonstrate elements of jazz such as improvisation vs. written music, color, tone, and intensity, but if you want to really sound smart about jazz you just have to say, “Listen — it’s the notes they don’t play.” The band will play a full set following the lesson. 9.12. 5:30p. 

* Cambridge music school Mmmmaven and Together Boston team up for Today Boston, a free outdoor dance party at, hey look at that, the Lawn on D again. Wait, is that you on the swings over there? You’ve been on the swings all night?!? Give someone else a chance, will ya? The lineup features DJs from Boston and beyond and hopefully overcast skies because you don’t really want anyone to see your dance moves in the harsh light of day. 9.13. 3p. FREE 

* The American Field pop-up exhibition and market celebrates the best of U.S. made clothing, accessories, goods and furniture, and the people who made them. Score the right American-made jeans, work boots, and maybe a cool knife — why not, you could be one of those guys who always has a knife/corkscrew at the ready — and you’ll walk out of this thing projecting the sort of rugged masculinity usually reserved for the Marlboro Man and people who actually work on farms. Besides vendors they’ll have speakers, live music, live demos, food and drinks. 9.13 and 9.14. 12:30p. FREE 

* The fifth annual Rumble on the River music and rowing festival returns to Brighton’s Harry Parker Boathouse with beer, food trucks, and a music lineup featuring Dub Apocalypse, the Nephrok! All Stars, and Banana Phonetic, but unfortunately not the Boston League of Women Wrestlers because of the potential legal ramifications of turning this into an actual rumble on the river. Entry is free with RSVP, or a $15 VIP Ticket allows you access to the beer garden which includes samples from an impressive list of New England brewers. 9.14. 12p. FREE 

* The local food movement has Bostonians thinking about food with the same parochialism and distrust of outsiders that we bring to our personal relationships, with the bonus that eating locally can only help instead of getting us stuck in the same old crap town with the same old crap friends forever and ever. The free Boston Local Food Festival showcases farmers, local restaurants, food trucks, and specialty food producers through chef demonstrations, music and performances, a seafood throwdown, and more. 9.14. 11a. FREE