Free! Boston Jewish Film Festival Showing of… OBVIOUS CHILD 5/29 @ 7pm

By: - Monday, May 26, 2014 - 12:35pm

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Obvious Child is not your usual fall-in-love-after-the-mess type of story. Yes, it’s a Romantic Comedy, but no, it’s not like the hundred others that are produced a year. It’s funny, and romantic, but nothing is sugar-coated or simplified. Jenny Slate, local-made comedian, actress, writer, and producer leads this comedy through serious situations, bringing a humorous relief to the heavy. Her and co-star Jake Lacy’s character, fumble through becoming more than acquaintances, after a one night stand and their realities; Slate’s character finds herself pregnant in her twenties, financially unstable, and not ready for a spawn. It’s an honest and realistic film that will make you laugh so hard, a few farts will slip out.

Jenny Slate Creator of Marcel the Shell with Shoes on, has starred in numerous works, including Bob’s Burger, Parks and Recreation, House of Lies, Kroll Show, Hello ladies, Girls, and The Lorax. Slate will be showing Obvious Child at the Boston Jewish Film Festival on Thursday, May 29th at 7pm (doors close at 6:40), with a following Q&A session. The screening and Q&A with Jenny Slate are free but tickets are required. Reserve your ticket here.

Article by: Brandi Spering and Mike Spering