Dining and dashing, ghost hunting, and more events this weekend

By: - Thursday, Mar 26, 2015 - 1:31pm

199617_200032386697945_2681123_n(Photo credit: b.good Burger Brigade)

This weekend’s event recommendations are all about pairings: Pair your morning run with a burger, your dinner with delicious beers, and your wine with the confidence that you’re actually drinking good wine and not something you picked based on the alcohol percentage and how cool the label art looked.

* The Lizard Lounge hosts Cover Up Boston’s A Tribute to The Kinks, in which an all-star roster of local rockers perform songs about your own private and deeply strange sexual fetishes. Just kidding, they’re covering songs by the British Invasion-era rock group, all your perverted predilections will remain a secret (for now). The lineup features “Shingles Going Steady” (members of The Gravel Pit, Jenny Dee, The Cavedogs, and more), plus Field Day, Corin Ashley, Scott Janovitz, The Phil Aiken Army, Merrie Amsterburg, The New Million Box, and surprise guests. 3.26. 8p. $12

* Playing two shows at The Sinclair tonight, the Rebirth Brass Band is a New Orleans institution known for funky, groove-laden, hip-shaking tunes likely to inspire your own individual rebirth: You don’t walk, you strut. Your favorite instrument is trombone. You stand on parked cars and just dance for the sake of dancing. You pour your drink into a to-go cup and walk — sorry, strut — out of the bar into the streets of Boston, which is not New Orleans and therefore not a place where that is legal, whatever, you’re the kind of person who gets drinking in public tickets now. 3.26. 7:30p and 10p. $25

* Reggie Wilson and his First and Heel dance performance group returns to the Institute of Contemporary Art with Moses(es), an evening-length exploration of how we lead and why we follow.Moses(es) draws from influences including literature (Zora Neale Hurston’s Moses, Man of the Mountain) plus Wilson’s studies of monotheism, African cultures, and fractal geometry. I bet the guy’s pretty happy his parents insisted he get his dance degree from a school that also required a broad course of study in the liberal arts. 3.27 to 3.29. 8p. $30

* Before a workout I like to have a protein shake (for energy and protein synthesis) and then after, I’ll eat some carbs and more protein to rebuild the muscle fibers I just wailed on doing deep squats while my workout partner screamed “GET THAT MONEY, BRO. GET THAT FUCKIN’ MONEY.” But eating during a workout? Save that for charity events like the b.good Burger Brigade Dine-n-Dash, where runners will complete a 3.4-mile course with stops to eat one tasty b.good meal across four locations, with proceeds supporting b.good’s Boston Marathon team. Costumes are encouraged, unlike at my gym — no, this isn’t a He-Man costume, these are my real-life muscles. 3.28. 10a. $20

* Ribelle’s Theresa Paopao and Island Creek Oyster Bar’s Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli founded BTG Boston in response to the old-school pretense they saw in the wine community. The weekend-long series of seminars, discussions, and tastings encourages wine literacy and a greater sense of respect for what farmers, winemakers, and bottlers do to get your glass onto the table. Or to get your empty Fanta can filled with boxed wine onto the floor, because who says wine has to come from a bottle or you need to sit in a chair at a table while you drink it. Talk about pretense, amirite? 3.28 and 3.29. Various times. $25-50

* Jamaica Plain’s Loring-Greenough House hosts Night of the Spirits, a presentation by S.P.I.R.I.T.S of New England, paranormal investigators who will share ghostly footage and spooky audio from their overnight investigation of the Loring Greenough House last September, plus footage from previous investigations across New England. Just keep the Ghostbusters jokes to yourselves, because that stuff makes a mockery of the important work that S.P.I.R.I.T.S actually does, which is record audio and video of ghosts that don’t exist because ghosts aren’t real. 3.28. 7p. $10

* Commonwealth Craft and Navigation Brewing present a night of great food and beer pairings to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank. Wash down the five-course dinner with five delicious Navigation beers selected to balance and amplify each dish. I like to have a ‘Gansett with my amuse-bouche (Flavor Blasted pizza Goldfish crackers), another with my appetizer (a pepperoni pizza Hot Pocket), a third with my entree (three slices of a frozen DiGiorno pepperoni pizza), and one more with my dessert (that final, cold slice of DiGiorno a couple hours later if I have room in my tummy, or if not I’ll just pick some flavor dust out from underneath my fingernails). 3.29. 7p. $35