Fireworks, Fourth of July parties and more weekend events

By: - Thursday, Jul 3, 2014 - 10:24am

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Photo credit: kun0me/Creative Commons)

Stuck in the city while all your friends jet off to the Cape or some other beach-side paradise for the Independence Day weekend? No worries, they’re the ones missing out on tons of cool stuff happening around town. And when you’re FOMO-ing all over their pics that look straight out of a Corona ad, remember that no one Instagrams the four hours of traffic they sat in to get to the beach.

* You’ve probably already heard that the annual Boston Pops July 4th Fireworks Spectacular has been moved up to tonight due to the forecast for tomorrow. The Hatch Shell oval opens at 5, the concert starts at 8:30, and the fireworks start at 10:30. The only thing that could make the fireworks better is if the Atlantic Ocean was smaller and you could see them from England, just as a reminder that we kicked their asses in the revolution. We’re probably better than England at soccer now, too. Sucks to be you, England. 7.3. 8:30p. FREE

* Goth-punk band Lucretia’s Daggers premieres the video for their new track “Public Transit” at the Middle East Upstairs, in a show that doubles as a tribute to artist and promoter Anderson Lynne Mar, who died in April from injuries sustained in a fire. Mar makes a cameo appearance in the video, filmed on the Red Line and describing the elbows to the head and suffocation by Axe Body Spray familiar to any T rider. Even if you’re being ironic I still don’t think you should blast the song from your phone’s speakers on the T because that makes you an awful human. 7.3. 8p. $10

* It’s rumored that the portrait that graces every bottle of Sam Adams Boston Lager is actually Paul Revere, because Sam himself was just too ugly to sell beer, and anyways that Paul Revere was a stone-cold fox and who wouldn’t want to just drink him up? Anyways, impress people with that little bit of trivia at the third annual Samuel Adams Independence Bash at Ned Devine’s, featuring specialty Sam beers on tap, ice-cold Curious Traveler shandies, live music, and raffles. 7.3. 9p. FREE

* Celebrate your indepen-DANCE with The Great American Wave at Middlesex Lounge, featuring sets by local wave all-stars Yvng Pavl, Thaddeus Jeffries, Big Bear and Brek.One. Maybe it seems weird to hit a nightclub at 3 p.m., but why should you leave the day drinking to BBQ-ing bros in cargo shorts and flip flops? 7.4. 3p. $5

* Kevin Clancy’s We Are Responsible For Our Dreams residency at the Mobius experimental art space in Cambridge isn’t your typical artist’s installation: Instead of a gallery show or performance, Clancy will organize a two-week nomadic slumber party focus on collective dreaming and utopic visions. The best part? A 20’-x-20’ kickass portable blanket fort that will adapt to each dream session. Meet the artist and find out more about the project at Friday’s opening reception. The guy’s not a psychiatrist so don’t bother asking about that one recurring dream you have where you’re in high school and you didn’t do your homework and you’re naked and your teeth fall out and you can fly. 7.4. 6p. FREE

* What’s almost as cool as a blanket fort? An actual fort that served some military defense purpose, like Fort Warren on Georges Island. You can probably take a tour and learn about its history anytime, but only on Saturday can you drink beer and see live music for only five bucks. The Pretty Things Beer Tasting and Music Fest will feature samples of seasonal brews from the Somerville-based brand, plus music from two local indie-Americana bands. 7.5. 1p. $5

* If one outdoor music festival on the water isn’t enough for you this weekend, check out the annual Seaport Festival in East Boston’s Piers Park. The festival will have fun and games for all ages, plus a performance from Eastie legends Smokin’ Joe and the Henchmen. The band originated in the ‘60s and still play the rock and soul hits of the ‘60s and ‘70s like no one else, because why change? It’s bad enough that Smokin’ Joe switched to e-cigarettes. 7.6. 3p. FREE

* After nearly 18 years of supporting local artists at its location on Prospect Street in Cambridge, the Out of Blue gallery will have to find a new home due to real estate issues beyond their control (probably there’s a Whole Foods taking over the space, even though there’s one right across the street, but having two Whole Foodses in the neighborhood would really do wonders for property values). The gallery’s organizing a series of benefits to help offset the costs of relocating, including Sunday’s benefit concert at T.T. the Bear’s Place featuring So Sol, Ex-Magicians, All Eyes on Me, Thick Wild and DJ Sterling Golden. 7.6. 8:30p. $10