Former Mayor Menino holds “coffee hour” with BU students every Thursday

By: - Sunday, Mar 2, 2014 - 11:55pm

Mayor Menino has tweeted multiple times about a recurring “coffee hour” event for BU students every Thursday afternoon. The Daily Free Press (independent newspaper at BU) reports that those office hours take place at his new office (75 Bay State Road) every Thursday from 3:30 to 5p, and “any students interested in speaking with him can drop into his office and explore their city-related concerns.” There is no official event listing or anything like that, so we went ahead and put it on The Boston Calendar. Keep in mind that this event is most likely open to BU students only.

From Menino’s twitter account

If you’re a student at BU this seems like a cool opportunity. Meet with the former mayor of Boston in a relaxed, informal setting? Sure, why not. Just a few months ago Thomas Menino was the most powerful man in Boston (for 20 years mind you), and unless you were someone very important it was nearly impossible to get a sit down meeting with him. Nowadays simply show up at 75 Bay State Road on Thursday at 3:30p, and boom, you’re shooting the shit with the former mayor. That’s of course if you’re a BU student.

Menino talks with BU student government members Fiona Chen (SMG’15) (from left), Avi Levy (CAS’15), Felicity Chen (SMG’15), and Janina Sawyer (SMG’14) in his office. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi via this Daily Free Press article.