Fourth of July weekend events around Boston

By: - Thursday, Jul 2, 2015 - 12:50pm

7511431054_f16efdc474_kPhoto credit: Sayamindu Dasgupta/Creative Commons

Hey everyone, Jim from The Boston Calendar here with events that don’t suck for the Fourth of July weekend and beyond. Half the city’s going out of town and the other half is already staking out spots on the Esplanade, but for the other other half, there’s still plenty going on. Or just find a barbeque somewhere — or even better, a BBQ (fewer letters = more American, and that “-que” part looks suspiciously French).

* Did you know there’s a new distillery on Boston Harbor? It’s called Boston Harbor Distillery. It’s a facility, located near the ocean, where alcohol is made. Look, if you want to know more you’ll have to take a tour. On Thursdays through Saturdays, check out the distillery and see how spirits are made, smell the ingredients used to make them, and taste three spirits and a seasonal cocktail. Then hear yourself make a joke that you think is pretty funny but appears to offend a lot of people, and feel nervous that this is the end of your tour and you will not be receiving the complimentary glassware. 7.2 to 7.4. Various times. $10

* Want to class up your holiday this year, and I don’t mean drinking your Bud Light Cran-Brrr-Rita with a twist of lime? The Boston Public Library’s free Concerts in the Courtyard series features the Rowe’s Lane Quartet of the Handel + Haydn Society. The group plays string quartets composed during the Revolutionary War era, performed on instruments that date from approximately the same time period. Funny how violins from 250 years ago work fine but my iPhone from three years ago totally sucks, the battery life will jump from 28% to like 17% sometimes FOR NO REASON. 7.3. 12p. FREE

* This month’s First Fridays at the Institute for Contemporary Art celebrates art, music, and America with Party in the USA ICA. Drink star-spangled cocktails, enjoy the Motown sounds of Ruby Rose Fox and beats from CLLCTV BOSTON founder DJ YVNG PAVL, and if things get really wild, wait for the right moment and try to start an “ICA! ICA!” chant.  7.3. 5p. $15

* I’m contractually obligated to mention the Boston Pops July 4th Fireworks Spectacular at the Hatch Shell because it’s the biggest fourth of July party in the city that invented America, and don’t let anyone (Philadelphia) tell you any different. (The founding fathers actually planned to sign the Declaration of Independence in Boston, except Ben Franklin wasn’t allowed back after we ran him out of town for for spreading syphilis around like room temperature butter.) The concert begins at 8:30 p.m. with fireworks starting around 10:30 p.m. 7.4. 8:30p. FREE

* The Sinclair in Harvard Square continues its monthly summer patio movie series with The Goonies. I should probably go because (I’m sorry) I’ve never seen that movie (I’m sorry). I understand if, for you, this invalidates my opinion on everything else. But everybody has one big movie they’ve never seen — chances are there’s someone reading this who’s never seen, like, Goodfellas. Think about that. Anyways, the movie series is free to attend, but space is limited so get there early. 7.7. 8p. FREE

* Apollinaire Theatre Company’s annual free bilingual Apollinaire in the Park series returns to Chelsea’s Port Park with Blood Wedding, Federico Garcia Lorca’s exploration of love and betrayal based on the true story of a bride who abandoned her husband on their wedding day to run away with her childhood sweetheart. Which as far as wedding crimes go is right up there with scheduling your ceremony for a holiday weekend or having a cash bar. The play (in English Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays; in Spanish on Fridays) opens Wednesday and runs through July 26. 7.8 to 7.26. 7:30p. FREE