Jumpstart’s Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Gala

By: - Sunday, Mar 23, 2014 - 4:15pm

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On March 8th, Jumpstart’s Young Professional Board turned a chilly winter night, into an elegant Phantom of the Opera themed Masquerade charity gala for 225 attendees. Hosted in the Seaport area, the event featured a live D.J., h’or deourves, a silent auction, and an open bar with Phantom of the Opera themed drinks from Bully Boy Distillery (+1 for making tasty and strong drinks).  My compliments to the planning committee of the event, who really put in thoughtful details to play up the Phantom of the Opera/classy gothic theme. Red roses, candelabras, and masks were displayed on tables and the photo booth (which is now standard in any event I ever attend) had pearl necklaces and Venetian style masks to add to the experience. Many of the attendees played along with the theme, donning their masks, some in capes and long gowns. It felt as though we had transported back to early 1900’s France, aside from the twenty something year olds taking selfies, the quesadillas, and Katy Perry music playing in the background.

Highlight of the night? Watching a man propose while waiting in line for my drink. Yes, that actually happened.  It wasn’t near the music or a picturesque area of the room, it was in line with other drunkards waiting to get a free drink at the open bar.  But hey, it’s classier than a jumbo tron proposal – at least people were drunk in tuxes instead of Bruins gear.

My only complaint is the lack of information about Jumpstart! Granted I was either standing by the food or the alcohol (as one should always be…), but I did not see a brochure, poster, or Jumpstart representative in sight.  Luckily, I am in the nonprofit industry and know the mission of Jumpstart, but a regular Joe Schmoe attending the event because a friend told him to probably does not.

photo 1 According to BostInno, Jumpstart’s Young Professional Board will be hosting a Literacy Olympics event later in the year, which involves pub trivia, pictionary and a spelling bee.  Not going to lie, that sounds awesome and definitely something that I would like to attend.  I have been planning an epic Olympics for my 30th birthday for quite some time now, although it will most likely involve more drinking… way more drinking…

*Thanks to Michelle who was not only an awesome date but also helped me write this article.