Pickle parties, burlesque boys, and more weekend events

By: - Friday, May 30, 2014 - 11:40am

Dill pickles - Filled jars(Photo credit: Rebecca Siegel/Creative Commons)

If you didn’t make it to Boston Calling last weekend, you probably got pretty sick of reading and hearing about it all week. Well now’s your chance to go do something pretty fun, and then totally exaggerate how fun it was to make your friends jealous. A few of your options: Seeing classic movies back in theaters, drinking at the zoo, and crushing a couple kegs of pickles.

* The Nutella Truck is pretty self-explanatory: A truck. In Harvard Square. Giving out FREE NUTELLA. Do we need to keep talking or have you already drooled onto your keyboard, shorting out your laptop? In that case you need to find the truck giving out huge bags of rice and stick your computer in there until it’s fixed (it works for phones) then probably look up some recipes for Nutella rice. 5.30. 11a. FREE

* Every year around the time local colleges and universities hold graduation and class reunion celebrations, the Brattle Theatre’s Reunion Weekend showcases a few amazing films celebrating their 25th, 50th or even 75th anniversaries. This year, check out Jean Renoir’s “Rules of the Game,” Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” and Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” or just wait until 2037 for the 25th-anniversary screening of “Pitch Perfect.” Oh boy, will that bring back memories. 5.30 to 6.2. Various times. $8-10

* Stoner comedian Doug Benson stops by Brighton Music Hall to record his Doug Loves Movies podcast, which might something to you if, like me, you experienced a sort of dark, lonely, commute-heavy period in your life in which you consumed many, many podcasts. It gets better. It gets better. 5.31. 4:20p (lolz). $25

* Anytime there’s an opportunity for you to get drunk at the zoo, I’m going to let you know about it. Franklin Park Zoo’s first annual Uncorked wine tasting event will allow guests to sip some wine while strolling through the Tropical Forest Pavilion, mingling with western lowland gorillas, pygmy hippos, ring-tailed-lemurs, a giant anteater and other species. It beats drinking beers on your porch and watching people from your neighborhood walk their dogs, unless any of those dogs are still puppies because puppies >>> everything. 5.31. 5p. $45

* Soon Spoon and Opus Affair got their hands on a couple kegs of Grillo’s pickles and you can help polish them off at Kegs of Pickles and Beers at Tupelo in Inman Square. (Yes, Tupelo once appeared on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” but don’t worry, they had the place professionally cleaned afterwards. Guy Fieri is gross.) The ticket price also includes two beers. Probably my favorite thing about being a grown-up is if I want to drink pickle juice straight from the jar, my mom can’t tell me not to. Also when my tummy hurts afterwards, I can still call my mom and she’ll help make it all better. 5.31. 4p. $18

* Somerville’s Joe Curtatone had no problem taking the title of coolest local mayor when Menino was his only competition, but he needs to step up his game with Marty Walsh rockin’ out with the Dropkicks and just generally acknowledging that young people exist. It’ll help his cause that Somerville’s going to have some kind of awesome street festival every weekend through the summer, starting with Sunday’s SomerStreets: Carnaval celebration. Curtatone will lead a parade down Broadway and probably stop to jam a little with the live bands playing on three stages.6.1. Noon. FREE

* Oberon welcomes Sirlesque, Boston’s only all-male burlesque troupe, for Masculinitease: Burlesque with Balls, a celebration of boys-next-door, sweaty firemen, bad boys on motorcycles, and probably no Internet writers who work out at a gym that specifically advertises that it is not, in fact, a gym. You know what, that’s OK, because #NotAllMen have the physiques to dance in banana hammocks, but #YesAllWomen have the right to ogle the guys that do. 6.1 and 6.5. 8p. $15-25

* It’s been said that chefs are the new rock stars (Guy Fieri is Nickelback) and no one’s embraced the Boston arts and music community like Tavern Road’s Louis DiBiccarri. His third annual CREATE Boston festival showcases homegrown talent by pairing up-and-coming artists and musicians with the next wave of great chefs and bartenders. 6.1. 2p. $35