[OPINION] The Day After Election Day: An Open Letter

By: - Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016 - 6:26pm

Dear Boston,

My name is Tami Nguyen and I am a student from Boston University. I am also a photographer at The Boston Calendar and a camera operator at TD Garden. My BU classmates and my hometown friends know me as the girl who is always too busy at school or at work, but I am just like any other student I know in Boston – I work hard to obtain great education and learning experiences for a better future for myself and my family.

I am just like you. I was, and still am, upset about last night’s results. And, of course, I shared my views on Facebook:

I see your true colors. Half of this country has openly voted for the oppression of LGBTQs, minorities, and women’s rights.

What’s it like to be so privileged that you aren’t fearing for your friends and family right now?

Why did I post those statuses? Here is the thing, Boston. Our city may be a liberal bubble (I obviously voted YES on Question 4), but here are real occurrences I have experienced in the best city in the world:

The other day at a Celtics game, a woman screamed at me, “Why aren’t you a cameraMAN?” 2x.

I am a woman in a male-driven industry.

At other photography gigs, I usually hear stereotypical Asian jokes or disparaging remarks about my skin, culture, ethnicity.

I am a Vietnamese American in an ignorant community.

Sometimes I hear, “Go back to where you came from.”

I was born and raised in Methuen, Massachusetts.

In all situations, I usually try to laugh everything off and stay professional.

I know there is already a lot of hatred and ignorance in the world, and last night revealed that half of this country is full of this. I am truly scared what doors Donald Trump will close on those who are marginalized.

I’m ashamed to be an American today, but I’m not losing my faith in humanity just yet. You should not either.

I see everyone is rallying by Boston Common and the State House, but I urge you to not use violence or profanity or stoop so low.

Remember to consider Obama’s remarks from this afternoon:

You have to stay encouraged. Don’t get cynical. Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference.

And remember Hillary Clinton’s speech earlier in the day:

“Fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

Let’s see how everything plays out. No glass ceiling was shattered last night but maybe one day.

Tami Nguyen