This week’s Boston events: Festivals in the fields, streets, islands and more

By: - Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 - 5:26pm

tumblr_nsf61lCHMn1ucxwpfo2_1280Photo credit: Aeronaut Brewing Company/Four Star Farms

There’s so much going on around Boston, I’m just going to get right into it, no time for jokes. (Just kidding, there’s always time for jokes.) (Otherwise how will I make people like me?) (Yes everyone needs to like me I was born broken and only the constant outward validation of my self-worth can make me feel whole again.) On to this week’s events!

* There’s still time to score tickets to Aeronaut Brewing Company’s Field Day 001: Musical Adventures at Four Star Farms festival on Saturday, featuring three stages of continuous live music, two food trucks, tours of the hop fields, wild sumac foraging expeditions, and, oh yeah, beer. 8.8. 12p. $5-7.50

* Radio 92.9’s free Copley Concert Series tonight fills the Trinity Church lawn with Brooklyn indie dance duo Matt and Kim’s catchy hooks and infectious beats. Which means you’ll want to sing along AND dance along — just remember that people can’t really hear you sing off-key, but everyone behind you can see you dance badly and you’ll show up in the stupid iPhone videos they’ll never watch. Just enjoy the show, people, don’t waste your life (or your battery life). 8.6. 5p. FREE

* Summer is made for fuzzy peaches and fuzzy guitars, and the three-day Boston Fuzzstival 2015 celebrates one of those (it’s the guitars). More than 30 local psychedelic/fuzz/garage/surf bands play the Middle East Upstairs tonight and tomorrow and a two-stage, all-day blowout at the Middle East Downstairs on Saturday. Festival passes sold out already, but you can still grab single-day tickets — and make sure to check out the House of the Rising Fuzz compilation to soundtrack all your beachside convertible rides and/or long walks home from the bar because you don’t want to pay Uber’s surge prices. 8.6 to 8.8. Various times. $12-15

* When’s the last time you did something so artsy you didn’t know whether to brag to your social media friends or punch yourself in your own face? You’re about due, right? Try this on for size: A gallery opening for the new installation from an international multimedia collective dedicated to exploring the state of the Afrofuture, in a building that once housed one of New England’s largest rum distilleries. That’ll do, art. That’ll do. It’s After the End of the World: The Spacesuits Going Away Party at the Distillery Gallery in Southie features live performances and site-specific installations from the Spacesuits network of artists and musicians. The exhibition runs through August 22. 8.7. 7p. FREE

* That slight chill in the air at night is a gentle reminder to start crossing items off your summer bucket list before it’s too late. Stuff like packing a picnic lunch and grabbing the ferry out to the Harbor Islands, because you’ve heard that’s a thing people do. Might as well go when they have something cool and free going on like Saturday’s Soundscapes, a series of acoustic performances at differents spots on Spectacle Island, from the sandy beaches to the tallest point in the harbor and ending with a parade to the sea led by the Cocek Brass Band and Urbanity Dance. 8.8. 1:30p. FREE

* The Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury hosts Boston FABFest, a free, high-tech, family-friendly, hands-on event where you can learn to make (almost) anything. Events and activities include a 3D printing party and workshops on robotics and laser-cutting. Crazy how kids today are using lasers and 3D printers and I could never even get my Spirograph designs to come out right, I always went way too fast and ripped the paper and cried because it’s a stupid toy and art is stupid. 8.8 and 8.9. 10a. FREE

* We usually avoid politics in this space, but it was fun to see Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone smack down the flailing presidential candidate who made some dumb comments about sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants. I’m a little biased but Somerville is pretty much the best place to live in the world and immigrants had a lot to do with that, just sayin’. Stop by the City of Seven Hills on Sunday for Seize the Summer @ SomerStreets, the August edition of the summer street festival series that takes over Highland Avenue with craft vendors, food from local restaurants, music from the Somerville Ukulele Club, and lots more. 8.9. 12p. FREE