TUGG Boston to hold their Annual Wine & Tequila Party on Thursday, Mar 13, 2014

By: - Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014 - 4:02pm

This past summer I was made aware of TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good) at a potluck meeting for social good in Boston. At the meeting I was introduced to the director of TUGG, David Brown, by potluck organizer Justin Kang. Justin told me about all the money TUGG has raised for nonprofits around the Boston area, and went on to rave about their Annual Charity Wine & Tequila Party. Well, on Thursday, March 13th that party is set to take place. Aside from it likely being amazing, the event is on track to raise $300K for charity! I caught back up with David via email and asked him about TUGG and the upcoming party…

TUGG’s official LOGO

Explain it like we’re 5 years old — what is TUGG?

TUGG is bunch of really awesome young people working together to support and provide opportunities to youth from under-resourced communities.

I live in Boston and I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, how can I get involved?

Get a ticket for our upcoming blockbuster Wine Party on 3/13 so you can join 1200 of New England’s best innovators in supporting 7 great nonprofits.  Then make sure you are on our list serve and social media so you can get involved in one of the 15 other awesome events coming up this year!  Looking for an immediate way to give back?  Learn about our 27 great nonprofits and check out this list highlighting just some of the help they are looking for.

Your Annual Charity Tequila & Wine Party is coming up. We understand TUGG got it’s start via this party eight years ago. Can you explain how that came about and what makes the party so unique/awesome?

TUGG was founded in 2006 around the Tech Charity Tequila and Wine Party for two primary reasons: (1) To pull together an awesome community of Boston’s leading innovators in a fun way that allowed for great relationships and was highly differentiated from other events out there, and (2) that gave this group an outlet to give back to great nonprofits.  What started as 50 people in a room at General Catalyst Partner’s offices raising $40k has now grown to 1200 folks raising over $300k in what is unquestionably one of the most anticipated and celebrated events of the year.  In addition to seeing 1200 of your closest friends and having a direct vote on how we allocate our pool of funds to seven amazing organizations, attendees also get access to ultra exclusive wines (think $80 up a bottle), great food, and the chance to hit the dance floor as Club TUGG makes its triumphant return.  To say this is an event not to be missed would be a nice disservice to the evening!  To steal the words of our founder, Jeff Fagnan, “This is not your grandmothers rubber chicken party.”

You can find details about the Wine Party on The Boston Calendar here. See you there!