Weekend events for the Irish (and Polish, Icelandic, and Roman) in you

By: - Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 - 6:41pm

(Photo courtesy of DaPuglet/Creative Commons)

We could have easily filled this weekend’s event picks with Irish-themed pub crawls, parties and parades, but you don’t really need a formal event to celebrate St. Paddy’s, just a green shirt and a bar and some friends (friends optional). Not to mention there happen to be some great options for experiencing other European cultures. Why spend the whole weekend pretending to be Irish when you could also pretend to be Polish, Icelandic and ancient Roman?

* Discover Roxbury’s annual Black & White Party fundraiser is serious about its black and white theme (I see you eyeing that charcoal grey sweater — don’t even try it). Proceeds from tickets and artwork sold at the event support local artists and advance arts education and programming like Roxbury Open Studios and the ArtROX! series. 3.14. 6p. $25 

* Martin Scorsese curated the Brattle’s Masterpieces of Polish Cinema survey of classic (and newly restored) Polish films spanning 1957 to 1987. The series kicks off with the new wave gem “Eroica” and runs through March 23. 3.14 to 3.23. Various times. $8-10 

* Let’s party like it’s 44 B.C.! Somerville Arts Council’s Ides of March celebration transforms Union Square into the Roman forum, complete with gladiator contests, chariot races, toga parties, and a secret political meeting that’s definitely not about killing Caesar. Really, the guy should have seen it coming — “ides” is an anagram for “dies” and that’s a more obvious clue than anything that happened all season on “True Detective.” 3.15. 1p. FREE

* The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis lecture and discussion  “Breaking Bad: Life, Death, Addiction and the Power of Drives” examines the characters’ addictions and motivations and asks the question: How long did you root for Walter White? Um, the whole series, obviously. Sorry, “professor,” does that make me a “psychopath”? 3.15. 1p. $10

* Back in the 9th century, a Norseman spotted some drift ice in a fjord and gave Iceland its name. Smooth PR move, bro. Now the country’s tourism campaign has to organize sweet events like the five-day Taste of Iceland Festival, including Saturday’s free Reykjavik Calling concert at the Middle East pairing up-and-coming acts Icelandic and local acts. If all you know about Icelandic music is Björk and Sigur Rós, well, you’re in for a surprise, because none of the artists playing this show use any weird accents in their names. 3.15. 8p. FREE 

* We were just kidding about not recommending any St. Paddy’s day events: Here’s a ton. The Sinclair celebrates with local Irish troubadour Paddy Saul, joined by Coyote Kolb and the Curtis Mayflower Band, and more importantly gives us a chance to point out that it’s St. Paddy’s, not St. Patty’s3.15. 8p. $15

* Remember food? It’s that other thing you put in your mouth besides alcohol and the occasional body part. Formerly called Restaurant Week, Dine Out Boston kicks off two weeks of local restaurants offering baller meals at budget prices. You won’t mind picking up the tab for these prix fixe three-course lunches and dinners, although if you’re like me you’ll still probably want to punch yourself in your own face for saying prix fixe out loud. 3.16 to 3.28. Various locations. $15-25 lunch/$28-38 dinner

* Boston Bike Party collaborates with RAWRbikes (Really Awesome Women Riding Bikes) for its March Riot Grrrl event celebrating Grrrls who love music, parties, bikes, and Grrrrrrrrrrrl Power. Guys are welcome, too — but don’t try to sneak any dude artists onto the ride’s all-female playlist. 3.18. 7:30p. FREE