Weekend forecast: No blizzards, lots of events

By: - Friday, Feb 21, 2014 - 2:26pm

Right now as I type this sentence, my Weather Channel app predicts a high of 50 degrees Saturday. That’s shorts weather, people. But more importantly: It means you can make plans for the weekend without the nagging fear that you’ll look out the window, it’s snowing like crazy, and just like that everything is canceled.

For this weekend at least, Boston’s total snowfall for the winter will remain about three quarters of a Pedroia.


Get your light jacket out of the closet and check out these events:

* Cambridge’s Gallery 263 throws an opening reception for its “Awake” exhibition, featuring a 27-foot wall installation comprised of hundreds of cell-phone selfies taken by artist Christina Balch upon waking up in the morning. Visitors can contribute to the exhibition by snapping their own reflections in a medicine cabinet mirror at the gallery, although it’s not really fair because you’ve had all day to perfectly sculpt your hair so it looks like you just woke up and didn’t do anything to it. 2.21. 7p. FREE

* Hosted by Donald Vincent, aka Mr. Hip, the monthly Mr. Hip Presents reading series at JP’s UForge Gallery features poetry, spoken word, live music and plenty of audience participation. Rescheduled from last Saturday. 2.22. 4p. $7

* You won’t find any kissing booths at the Pucker Gallery’s Winter Warmer open house, probably because it isn’t a ‘90s sitcom high school’s winter carnival to raise money for the class ski trip. But the five-story Newbury Street gallery is truly a hidden gem, and if the contemporary art exhibitions don’t do it for you, the free cider, cocoa and cookies surely will. 2.22. 2p. FREE

* Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan — before you skip this, don’t worry, he sings in English — has taken Europe by storm with a voice that’s been compared to a “hoarse angel” and “the love-child of Dylan and Joplin.” 2.22. 8p. $28

* If you’re a dad and you’re reading this, you’re probably a cool dad and your kids have cool names like “Dylan” and “Joplin.” Just like a sharp pair of slim-fit chinos, the Sinclair’s all-ages Rock-n-Romp show with locals Sidewalk Driver qualifies as both cool and dad-friendly. Or maybe you’re just doing your older brother a solid and watching his kids this weekend so he’ll owe you a favor. A much more expensive favor. 2.23. 11:30a. $5-10

* “Honey, get dressed. We’re going to the opera.” Admit it, you’ve always wanted to say that. Except the opera is expensive, you don’t own a tux, renting a tux would cost more than any garment you own, and most importantly, vikings are scary. I checked and Opera@Oberon with the Boston Opera Collaborative doesn’t feature any vikings, plus it’s reasonably priced and no one wears a tux to Oberon. 2.23. 3p/8p. $12-25