Robots, rhyming couplets and more events in Boston this week

By: - Monday, Apr 7, 2014 - 1:21pm

13219743183_fea9f6dd68_z(Nao the Robot. Photo credit: Stephen Chin/Creative Commons)

There’s a little something for everyone coming up this week in Boston: Sonnets for Shakespeare lovers, documentaries for dancers, and food for people who consume food. People who aren’t robots, that is. Just watch out for robots this week, OK? (more…)

‘Not Art’ creator gets endorsement from Banksy

By: - Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 - 12:38am

Photo via @thebostoncal on Instagram

Somerville, MA — Bansky will reportedly be just outside of Boston, MA next weekend scouting locations for his newest project, Exit Through the Landfill. This groundbreaking film will highlight the work of the mostly unknown NOT ART guy of Somerville.

Banksy revealed in an interview yesterday with UK’s Aesthetica magazine he considers NOT ART to be in the same leauge as Brisbane graffiti artist Fintan Magee. In the article Banksy was quoted, “Not Art captures quite clearly the notion that, what looks like art, is infact not, not art.”

If you live in Boston chances are you have seen the words “NOT ART” tagged on open-air objects. On February 3rd WGBH’s Abbie Ruzicka interviewed the NOT ART creator in which the artist ranted, “We’re so sick of seeing Picassos sell for millions of dollars just because they say Picasso. You know, people aren’t looking at the art any more, they’re looking at the signature. And Not Art in itself is a signature.”

I have to admit, the idea of a local artist backed by Banksy is exciting and could stencil Somerville, MA on the map.


Chili-eating contests, parties for runners, and more events this week

By: - Monday, Mar 31, 2014 - 5:37pm

58d3d5c6b6be11e38f9d125ac6cb0dab_8-1(Photo credit: @brianmcw on Instagram)

Miley Cyrus brings her Bangerz Tour to the Garden on Wednesday, and I thought about recommending it as kind of an April Fools (sorry, Foolz) joke. But you’re smarter than that, right? Go out and see some theatre, or learn something about art and science, instead of watching Miley twerk on a replica of the Bunker Hill Monument while wearing a bikini constructed from Mike Napoli’s beard. (more…)

Now that’s a nice picture

By: - Monday, Mar 31, 2014 - 3:45pm


Instagram God @brianmcw added the above picture to his amazing account yesterday. He captioned the photo: “Boston in the grips of a nor’easter.”

When it comes to Boston Instagram accounts, @brainmcw is in a league of his own. We have no idea how he does it, but he posts on average two stunning pictures of Boston everyday. See for yourself: @brianmcw. He claims all the photos are phone pics, which is insane.

One of our blog contributors is currently working on exclusive piece about Mr. McWilliams — check back for that soon.

Happy Monday!

Punk rock fests, pop up ramen, and more weekend events for late-night T riders

By: - Friday, Mar 28, 2014 - 11:05am


(Photo credit: Chaval Brasil/Creative Commons)

So you’ve heard that MBTA late-night service starts tonight, but they’re only going to keep it around if it makes money. It’s basically your civic duty to go to the bar, stay until closing time, then sort of mill around on the sidewalk sharing cigarettes with strangers, searching their sad eyes for some passing hint at real human connection and, finding none, jump on the T around 2 a.m. That’s after you hit up some of these fun events happening this weekend, obviously. (more…)

A lesson in fundraising

By: - Thursday, Mar 27, 2014 - 4:33pm

After learning about the tragic deaths of Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Mike Kennedy I wondered if there was anything The Boston Calendar could do to help. As I normally do, I checked the homepage of my favorite online Boston community, r/Boston. There was a post there titled “How do we *actually* honor our fallen firefighters?” The most popular idea in that thread was to set up a scholarship fund for Lt. Walsh’s three children (even the top comment mentioned it). My gut instinct was “yes, that’s is a great idea.” So I immediately created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising money for the scholarship fund.

“Boston’s finest” (posted to Instagram by pweiskel08)

What I failed to think through is whether a fundraiser (more…)

Jumpstart’s Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Gala

By: - Sunday, Mar 23, 2014 - 4:15pm

photo 2

On March 8th, Jumpstart’s Young Professional Board turned a chilly winter night, into an elegant Phantom of the Opera themed Masquerade charity gala for 225 attendees. Hosted in the Seaport area, the event featured a live D.J., h’or deourves, a silent auction, and an open bar with Phantom of the Opera themed drinks from Bully Boy Distillery (+1 for making tasty and strong drinks).  My compliments to the planning committee of the event, who really put in thoughtful details to play up the Phantom of the Opera/classy gothic theme. Red roses, candelabras, and masks were displayed on tables and the photo booth (which is now standard in any event I ever attend) had pearl necklaces and Venetian style masks to add to the experience. Many of the attendees played along with the theme, donning their masks, some in capes and long gowns. It felt as though we had transported back to early 1900’s France, aside from the twenty something year olds taking selfies, the quesadillas, and Katy Perry music playing in the background. (more…)

Spring into, um, spring with Madonna parties, sci-fi cons and more weekend events

By: - Thursday, Mar 20, 2014 - 6:16pm

tulips(Tulips in the Public Garden, via Instagram)

Happy first day of spring! That’s according to my official Labrador Retriever-themed wall calendar, not some rodent from Pennsylvania, of all places. Get out there and celebrate the slow but delightful realization that the sun, in addition to providing light, also functions as a source of heat. (more…)

Jonathan Richman’s Boston

By: - Monday, Mar 17, 2014 - 2:04pm

The wonderful Jonathan Richman is playing three shows at the Middle East this week: Wednesday, March 19; Thursday, March 20; and Friday, March 21. This article relates a few thoughts on his Boston-centric songs and offers a recommended listening list.

4055694316_bbc62c909b_b Photo: Mark and Allegra/Creative Commons

Jonathan Richman is the greatest of all Boston tunesmiths. There. I said it. Someone had to.


The person behind Boston’s fastest growing twitter account: @OnlyInBOS

By: - Friday, Mar 14, 2014 - 12:01am

It isn’t your average Sunday morning coffee date when you get the chance to spend it chatting with the Bostonian behind the Twitter handle we all look to for the latest on Boston happenings. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the @OnlyinBOS at Pavement Coffeehouse on Boylston to find out a little more about how the account works, the success behind the tweets, and how this person created this well known Boston persona all within the constraints of 140 characters.


Let’s kick things off by asking you about the local king of 140 characters, @BostonTweet. Have you met Tom? Are you trying to do something similar to him? If not, what makes your account different?

I have not formally met @BostonTweet, but we have been at the same events. (more…)